Ministry Arms

1.Evangelism and Missions
We undertake the great commission with all aggressiveness in soul winning, conducting Gospel Crusades with different tags e.g. Jubilee Miracle Crusade, for the purpose of spreading the Kingdom of God in various parts of the World as commanded by the Lord Jesus in Mark 16:15-20.
2. Church Planting
As a way of making disciples of all nations we will plant churches as led by the Lord (Matthew 28:18-20). Through these churches the gospel will be preached to various nations.

3. Ministry Training
This arm of the ministry will conduct Training of Christians for the work of the ministry. We have a target to raise anointed ministers who are skilled in the Word of God who will spread the gospel to villages, cities and nations with signs following (Ephesians 4:11-15). As we fulfil this vision, we shall open and run Jubilee School of Ministry that will conduct various training programs for Christian Missionaries, Pastors and Leaders to equip them for the work of the ministry in this end times.

4. Helps Ministry (Helping the Needy)
Jesus had compassion on the needy and as a ministry the love of God compels us to do the same. We will do our best to help them spiritually and materially to bring a positive change for God’s glory. We shall achieve this through Child Care Programs, Education Centers/Schools, Medical Centers/Hospitals, Homes for the Homeless, Orphans, Widows and the Poor, Agricultural Projects amongst others.

5. Youth & Campus Ministry
God says that in the last days He will pour out His Spirit on all flesh, and your sons and daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions (Acts 2:17). As a ministry we believe to raise up young people who are Spirit-filled as the next generation ministers of the gospel who will walk in holiness and in love. They will preach the gospel with signs following (Mark 16:15-20). We will achieve this by holding Youth Empowerment Programs, launching Jubilee Campus Fellowships in various Institutions and Universities.

6. Internet, Radio and Television Ministry
As a ministry we aim at reaching all nations with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We want to reach the unreached souls in remote and furthest corners of the Earth and tell them that Jesus Saves, Heals and Delivers; and Jesus is coming Soon. We achieve this through Internet, Radio and Television ministry using the available media platforms. To fulfil this purpose we intend to establish Radio and Television stations.

7. Electronic and Print Media
As a ministry God has called us to reach out to the world with the gospel through Electronic and Print Media. We achieve this through CDs, DVDs, MP3, MP4, Books, Magazines, and other forms of publication. For this purpose to be achieved with great success we intend to establish a Studio and a Printing Press. Pray with us and support as led by God.

8. Rhema for Today (Daily Devotional)
God has impressed on us to author a Daily Devotional to feed His flock on a daily basis with His Word. This Daily Devotional is titled “Rhema For Today”. Through Rhema For Today we will be able to take the Good News of God’s Saving and Healing Power to the ends of the Earth.