Be Confident, God’s Word Never Fails – Part 1

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There are some people who think God is “a bit slow” in fulfilling His promises and then they try to help or fix things for Him their own way, that is wrong! The trouble isn’t with God, but with men, when they haven’t mixed the Word with faith.

Take the story of Abraham and Sarah for example. When Abraham was seventy-five years old and Sarah, sixty-five, God gave them the promise of a son (Genesis 17:1-8).
Ten years later, they still hadn’t seen any child. Then Sarah, who at this time believed she had passed the age of childbearing, proposed that Abraham should take Hagar, her Egyptian maid, to bear him a child. She thought perhaps, God’s Word could come to pass through her. Abraham agreed to Sarah’s suggestion. A child indeed came from this relationship –Ishmael.

However, this singular act brought untold frustrations to Sarah herself (read Genesis 16), and other problems to Isaac and his seed. And the conflict continues today between the seed of Isaac and the seed of Ishmael.

When God gives you His Word, He expects your absolute trust and confidence in Him to bring it to pass. His Word is dependable, it never fails! I want to encourage you, you may be at the point of giving up and want to try other options because God seems to have delayed in fulfilling His promises in your life. Remember, God’s Word never fails my sister and brother! Be confident, you are closer to your miracle than you think, don’t mess it up like Sarah, be patient, God will never fail you.

Trust and Obey, for there is no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to Trust and Obey!

Glory to God, hallelujah!
You are blessed Today, and remember, JESUS IS LORD!