The greatest work on Earth is to preach the good news and the greatest need of our time is the need for the gospel. God has called me with the vision “To Take the Good News of His Saving and Healing Power to the Nations of the World”. This call is not just for me alone, it’s for the entire church of which you are a part. Remember, the gospel is the answer to the world’s crisis today, meaning that you should be compelled to move faster in spreading the greatest news – the gospel of Jesus Christ.

As darkness closes in everywhere people are filled with perplexity, uncertainty as their hearts fail in fear of terrible epidemics, wars and terror threats that are shaking the world beyond human help. All these occurrences should re-ignite a fresh fire in your heart to sacrificially speed up preaching the gospel of Christ, the only hope and answer to this world.

Remember that everyone who is not Born Again cries out for the Gospel of God’s saving power, like a fish on the riverbank gasping for water. You and I are responsible for taking the good news to non-believers. We need to preach to them the Gospel so that they can receive salvation. And we need to do it now because our time is running out! God bless you as you partner with us to win the lost for Christ!

I welcome you to Jubilee Celebration Ministries, a place where you experience the love and power of God through the Word and the presence of the Holy Spirit. At Jubilee we proclaim liberty and celebrate Christ with testimonies every day! Be blessed as you make this Church and Ministry your home. Whenever you’re in Kampala, Uganda feel free to come and fellowship with us every Wednesday and Sunday.

You are blessed!


Senior Pastor and Founder